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Mã sản phẩm: TLP-K10
Giá sản phẩm: 0


Thông số kỹ thuật LPI TLP-K10

Ordering Code
TLP - K10
10 pair plug in module
Protection Stages:
Gas arrester / series impedance / Silicon Protection
144 kbits/s (1MHz)
DC Breakdown:
190-276V line to earth
190-262 V line to line
Max working voltage:
190V line to earth
190V line to line
Surge rating:
a+b-e 20kA (8/20µs)
a-b or a-e 10kA (8/20µs)
Typical Let-through Volt-age:
240V  @ 5kV (10/700µs)
Max Line Current:
150mA @ 25°, 110mA @ 65°C
AC discharge current:
a+b-e 10A @ 50Hz for 1second
Return loss:
>23dB @ 1MHz 120Ω
Loop resistance:
6.6 Ω nominal
Insertion loss:
<3dB at 120 Ω, 1MHz
Insulation Resistance:
> 5M Ω @ 190Vdc line to ground and line to earth
119mm long x 20mm high
45mm from front of   KRONE* Series 2 block when plugged in
80 g
PCB plug in, to Krone LSA* disconnect block
Via spring clips to KRONE* frame
Temperature range
0 - 45°C,  10 – 90% RH
Krone LSA-Plus* disconnect block MDF or IDF. BD & CD as stipulated in the Australian Standards.